Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How to Upload Shell Using FireFox add-on Tamper Data

firefox addon Temper Data
Shell uploading is a Hell like thing for beginners so here i m writing this tutorial for beginners to upload shell through Temper Data adon of Mozilla FireFox.

When to Use Temper Data:

Some websites don't allow uploading files other than images so in such a situation shell uploading is a problem because we can't upload any php or asp shell file.So we can upload shell by tempering HTTP headers.
  • Mozilla Firef0x
  • Tampe Data add-on
Temper Data:
Mozilla FireFox: 

  1. Open Website's Admin Panel...
  2. Change Your Shell ExtensioN t0 .jpeg or .jpg or .gif
  3. Now open y0ur Tamper Data And Click 0n Start Tampering..
  4. Now goto Upload 0pt10n` and upload y0ur Shell As shell.jpg
  5. Windows Will Pop-UP.
      --- Tamper - Submit - Abort REQUEST
    Click 0n Tamper
    At Yewr Right Side Copy All Text fr0m POST DATA BOX
    Paste All text in notepad..
  6. Now Press CTRL + F, a search Text field will appear in your firefox browser's lower left.
  7. Search For Shell.jpg 
  8. Edit You Shell Extension to .php then copy it paste it on post data box And Click On Submit... 
  9. Congrats your shell has been uploaded succesfully.
  10. Now in image gallery where you have uploaded shell, u will see many images.Right click on your shell image and click on "copy image location". Now paste this url in your browser bar.Your shell will open up for U.

Why do we need TamperData:

Tamper Data is used to view / modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.So with this adon we will trick web application that we are uploading image file i.e. jpg, gif, png etc. but when file will be transferring through HTTP headers, we will change its extension to shell.php and our shell will be uploaded.This is called HTTP headers tempering.