Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Java Applet Attack on WAN with Metasploit and ZTE Router

java applet attack on internet with Metasploit

Hi everyone ..!!
You must have seen a lot of video tutorials on Metasploit usage inside LAN or Wifi networks but have you seen any video demonstrating metasploit usage over WAN (Internet) network.Well, here in this tutorial i will show you how to perform a Java Applet Attack using Metasploit over WAN network or Internet.

So to perform this attack we need the following apps and gadgets:
  • Metasploit Framework 

  • Router to forward ports 

Why do we need to forward ports??:

Well some people questions that why do we need to forward ports??Can't we attack without it ??
Well, inside LAN network you don't have to forward you port because you have specific LAN ip address and it is your only signle IP on one interface.
In case of Internet/WAN network, we have an External(Public) IP and one Internal (Private) IP.I mean, when we are behind a router we have an IP like this 192.168.1.X while when you type on google that what is my IP, google will show some other IP like 182.170.X.X.We might have a lot of users behind our router with many private IPs like, and so on..!!
So when someone will write our external IP in his browser, how our router will know that which webserver it has to run.So, to make this confusion clear, we assign a port to each private IP in our Internal network.This is is called port forwarding.Now traffic coming on that specific port will go to that specific IP for which it has been forwarded.

For further details consult this article.