Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Proper way of vulnerability exploitation with Metasploit and Nessus - Part 1

Hi everyone ..!!
In this tutorial i will show you proper way of vulnerability exploitation in LAN network with Nessus (vulnerability scanner ) and Metasploit ( exploitation framework).

Three major tools discussed in this tutorial are
1- Nmap
2- Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
3- Metasploit Framework

All these tools can be downloaded on your linux or windows OS and can be used accordingly. But as my tutorial is for beginners so i m using Backtrack 5R3 which is an awesome Penetration Testing OS with built-in hundred of tools (I would recommend using Backtrack to all beginners because at beginner level you shouldn't have to download/install and configure these tools).
This tutorial is quite noob friendly and i tried to cover each and every step in it.If you still have problems, you may ask in comments.I am looking forward to your feedback.