Saturday, 24 August 2013

How To Take Screenshot Of Expanded Gnome Menu In Linux

gnome menu screenshot

When Gnome menu is expanded, we can't take screenshot by just pressing PrntScn Key of our keyboard. We need some other solution to do this.
So here I am writing two methods which you can be used to take a screenshot with expanded Gnome Menu.

First Method:

You can run gnome-screenshot on a timer. For example:

$gnome-panel-screenshot --delay 5
This command would wait for 5 seconds before capturing your desktop which will be enough time to open gnome menu.

Second Method:

In this method, you need to use gimp image editor.
To take a screenshot, open

file  -> create ->screenshot

Choose Take Screenshot of entire screen and choose suitable time in seconds too. Gimp will take screenshot after that specific time.

gnome menu screenshot with gimp