Friday, 2 August 2013

RouterPwn Router Exploitation Framework

routerpwn a router exploitation framework

Routerpwn is a web application based router exploitation framework which have a collection of router exploits in a well cattform support to its users. It has been optimized to ruegorized manner.
Routerpwn is written in JavaScript and HTML to provide a multi-plan on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets too.

Most of exploit can be used within a LAN network and few don't need a network like EasyBox Standard WPA2 Key Generator exploit etc.

1- So, first of all get in LAN network of the router that you want to PWN.
2- Identify router IP by checking your IP configuration.
3- Now use nmap to identify which router is it, using the following command.(X.X.X.X is router IP)
nmap  -O -v X.X.X.X
4- Now if nmap has given you some information about router, then find router exploit in routerpwn framwork for enumerated router model and click on that exploit.
5- Enter IP of your router for that exploit and enjoy.

NOTE: RouterPwn is not being updated now. So, you can't try latest router's exploits in this framework but still wish you good luck with old ones.

Its a single page site, which can be downloaded and browsed locally without internet access. Open this site in your browser then press "CTRL + S" and save this single page site on your hard drive.

Alternative Download Methods: 
Windows:  users can mirror complete site using HTTRACK tool if they don't trust browser's saving capability.
Linux:  users can use wget to mirror complete site using the following command.
wget -mk -P routerpwn
Android: RouterPwn is available on google play store for android users.

iPhone/iTouch (JailBreak not needed):
Using Safari, browser the main url:
Select in Safari's main menu: [+] , Choose: "Add to home screen",
Enter a name or accept the default: "Routerpwn", Click "Save".

Visit RouterPwn Official site for further details