Sunday, 8 September 2013

How To Bypass Privacy Of Facebook Profile Picture

In this tutorial, i will show you that how to bypass Facebook privacy and watch full profile picture of any profile.
We have two methods to see full profile picture of our victim and both are given below.

1- By Editing Profile Picture URL
2- Thumbnail Zoom Plus Addon of Firefox

1- By Editing Profile Picture URL:

1- Open profile of the victim.
2- Right click on his/her profile picture and click on "copy image location".
3- Open new tab in your browser and paste the URL in it. URL will look something like this:
fb privacy bypass by editing image location

4- Now from that URL, we need to remove size parameters. In above URL, blue text is showing all sizing parameters. Remove them from URL and now your URL will become something like this:
5- Now just place this URL in your browser, press enter and enjoy full profile picture of your victim.

2- Thumbnail Zoom Plus Addon of Firefox:

In this method, you need Mozilla Firefox browser and its addon thumbnail zoom plus.
After getting these two things, follow me step by step:

1- Open Mozilla Firefox and browse to victim's profile.
2- Move your pointer over profile picture of victim, thumbnail zoom plus will pop-up full image of the victim in a new box.
fb privacy bypassing with thumbnail zoom plus
Sometimes, you won't be able to see full picture.
So, in that case:
1- Click over cover photo of victim.
2- Now when you are on the cover photo page, move your mouse over profile picture. It will show you enlarged image in a new box.

fb profile pic bypass using thumbnail zoom