Saturday, 1 February 2014

How To Install Your Favorite Linux Distro And Pentesting Tools Over Android

run linux over android

Salam everyone, in this tutorial i am going to show you how to install your favorite Linux distro over rooted android devices.

Device Used For This Tutorial Is ROOTED Samsung Galaxy S3


  • Rooted Android Device
  • At least 4GB Disk Space
  • Linux Deploy
  • Wifi Connection


1- Download and install Linux Deploy from android market.

2- Run Linux Deploy with super user permissions and tap the download icon to go to configuration page.

deploy linux configuration page

3- On configuration page, choose your favorite distro and its release. Choose a user name. If you won't edit username field then you will have default username which is "android".
Now move to the top of the page and tap the Install option to start the downloading.

installation of linux using deploy linux

4- Let the installation complete. On successful installation, you will see the following output.

installation of linux distro completed over linux deploy

5- Now tap the Start button to start your Linux distro.

linux running over deploy linux

6- Congrats ..!! now Linux is running over Linux Deploy console. So, now lets connect to it and test it.

Default Credentials:


How to Connect With Deploy Linux:

You can use following two method to use connect to your Linux Deploy machine.

Connect Using SSH Client:

1- Download any good ssh client to connect to your linux machine. I am using here JuiceSSH.

2- Use the above given default credentials and connect to your localhost. On successful connection, you will something like the following image.

ssh to deploy linux machine using juice ssh

Connect Using VNC Client:

1- Download any good VNC client and connect to your tightvncserver of Deploy Linux console. I am using here bVNC.

2- Use the default credentials and connect to your vnc server. On successful connection, output will appear like the following image.

bvnc client connected to linux deploy

Penetration Testing Tools:

I have tried the following four tools over this ubuntu-saucy environment and they worked like a charm.

Metasploit Exploitation Framework:

metasploit over android

system exploited using android metasploit

WPScan (Wordpress Vulnerability Scanner):

WPScan wordpress scanner over android

Sqlmap (SQL Injection Tool):

sqlmap sql injection tool over android

Nmap (Network Vulnerability Scanner):

nmap network vulnerability scanner over android

Remember me in your prayers and use your knowledge to benefit people.